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I believe it is due to the natural condition of the soils in the region being acid to begin with, plus the tannin and decomposing leaf litter adds to the acid. So there is no natural ability to obtain neutral pH water in the first place. Interestingly, just a few miles west on the other side of the Black River valley, there are vast limestone deposits that would neutralize any acid. Accumulated winter snows melt and release an entire season of acid contained in the precipitation all at once, just at the critical wrong time when trout are spawning and most susceptible to reproductive failure from acid water. Soils in the eastern Adirondacks are less acid, plus most of the acid precipitation from Ohio smoke stacks and other polluters has already been deposited to on the western Adirondacks. I am sure you can find scientific studies published on the process, especially regarding acid rain in this region. I've read some in the past, but memory on specifics is perishable.
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