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Yeah, it's a pain in the butt trying to figure out where designated tent sites are (or aren't) located across much of the ADKs. Even the "official" source (the DECInfo interactive mapper) is inaccurate with the information shown for quite a few areas. For example, not a single one of the numerous designated tent sites at Marcy Dam (all of which have "Camp Here" discs) is shown.

It's an objective, unarguable fact that many of the sites shown on the DECInfo site are missing "Camp Here" discs, and that there are many sites out there in existence with "Camp Here" discs that are not shown on the DECInfo site.

I really like the 150 foot rule system in general- I believe that it provides a really good reasonable "middle ground" with regards to balancing resource protection with recreational use. It doesn't outright prohibit camping in sensitive areas, but it does give the managing agency a reasonable level of control over how and where it occurs in those areas. But the implementation of this system can be (and should be) better, especially with regards to making it easier to figure out before a trip where the danged sites actually are (the current system doesn't often really lend itself well to "Plan Ahead and Prepare").
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