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Originally Posted by Pumpkin QAAD View Post
What was the name of the tribe that occupied that area prior to the Sioux arrival in the late 1700's ?
Hidasta, Awatsa and Awaxawi among others. the Crow who were a split off division of the Hidasta stll populated the areas of the Great plains as did the Northern Cheyenne. The Mandan occupied the area of the Missouri just North of the area that the Yankton Sioux populated.

The Lakota (Sioux) were actually displaced from the area of the Ohio Valley by the members of the Iroquois Confederation and later from the midwest by the Ojibwa or Chippiwa. They migrated just West of the Missouri River and broke up into 3 bands, the Lakota, Nankota and Dakota. That was all before the coming of the horse to the Great Plains.
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