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Kayak trip Suggestions? Places with treatable water?

I visited ADK for the first time last May and would also recommend Bog/Lows Lake. I have a Venture Flex kayak (10.5) and it managed fine for a 2 night, 3 day trip. I went with 2 others the weekend after Mothers Day and the Black Flys were out. Once we were on the water we were fine. I filled up a Nalgene Bottle and packed maybe 8 plastic water bottles. I also had a MSR filter with me. I drank both bottled and filtered water. This was my first multi day trip and I already decided when I go back I'm leaving the bottled water home and will just filter to save on weight. For the portage at Hitchens Pond, it is short and doable carrying a loaded boat but I had brought a kayak cart with me that I made similar to the Trail Tracker kayak cart. It was easy to store and made portaging 3 kayaks much easier. We paddled out to site 18 which is a nice site at the waters edge with lots of space for boats. The site also had a nice breeze keeping the flys away but finding firewood wasn't as easy as some of the other sites. The next day we explored and did some fishing around the north shore, then headed back to the site and packed up and started heading back back closer to the launch. In the open section of Lows there was some small white caps from the wind so having a spray skirt was appreciated. The 2nd night we stayed on site 11, which was set back in the woods more and also where the black flies were, I was glad to have my head net. On the 3rd day we packed up camp and headed back towards the launch and fished along the way. Overall it was definitely a fun place. My only complaint was that we did more paddling than fishing, so this year I would like to go a little earlier to beat the flys and also either have an extra day or two or stay put one campsite to allow more time to explore and fish.

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