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Originally Posted by Eastern Puma View Post

Here are some interesting numbers regarding deer in New York:

Estimated number of deer: 1,000,000
Number of deer hunters: 620,000
Number of deer hunters kill/year 200,000
Number of deer a population of 1000 cougars would kill/year (based on 42 deer/cougar/year, which is high): 42,000
Percent hunter harvest is of total population: 20%
Percent cougar harvest is of total population: 4.2%
Percent cougar harvest is of hunter harvest: 21%

Fact: deer numbers continue to increase in the state so even killing 20% of them does not slow their growth, adding 4% more for lions will not tip the balance!

Conclusion: State of New York could have 1,000 cougars and it would not have an effect on deer numbers!

Are hunters so greedy as to not want to share even a small percent of the deer population for the health of ecosystems??
While those numbers may be factually accurate on a state wide basis, they are not relevant to this issue. If we are talking about introducing mountain lions to New York I assume the Adirondacks would be the only suitable habitat in the state. Deer populations in the Adirondacks are very low right now due to heavy coyote predation, hard winters, and poor habitat.

For your theory to be accurate mountain lions would need to be evenly dispersed over the entire state, which isn't feasible.
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