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Getting Close!

Hey everybody,
The 2009 SAdkRF is fast approaching.
Despite the rainiest summer in recollection, we've been working hard on several projects, getting Crane Mountain spiffed up for this year's event. Jamie M. & I have spent a ludicrous amt. of time at the Black Arches Wall, cleaning and prepping routes. The present guidebook lists 3 routes here, there are now five, and we hope to complete 5 more before the festival.
Jeremy H. & company have been in to the Boulderwoods, sending their favorite lines and scouring out new ones. I don't have an official count but expect the number of bouldering routes there to be closing in on 80 or so.
Jeremy & I made a trip to the summit cliffs last week and climbed Thank You, Cindy, Carl's Climb, Original Exploit, and Dividing Line. On our way down, he also led Every Creature's Theme; so he finally got a chance to actually climb some things he spent so much labor and time writing about back in 2007. We had a lot of fun and managed to get off the mtn. before that big T-storm in the afternoon. The summit cliffs look pretty good. Lots of potential still for new routes up there.
The Measles Wall has languished all summer: too wet and buggy for hanging out low in the woods. I will be hanging out there for a couple days next week to finally send a route I cleaned last year, and hopefully clean a couple routes on the Upper Measles Wall.
As always, I could use help with trail prep, route-cleaning, etc. previous to the event. In the days before the event, I'll need someone to put up trail signs and flagging. We're getting close enough that we need to start organizing the event volunteer schedule, also. PM me if you're interested in volunteering to escort people to various crags, act as belay slave, or host for a few hours. Anyone interested in helping out in any of these ways, PM me.
Finally, I've posted a JPEG poster link below. Feel free to print it out and hang it up at a college, climbing gym, or outdoor store near you, by all means!
If you are planning on coming to the festival, please register using the link at the Website. If for some reason the online form doesn't work (and if you don't receive a response from me, it didn't!), email me directly at jayclimbs at yahoo dot com. You know the drill with that, right?
Keep your fingers crossed for good weather this year!
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