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The money was donated to Nawakwa ADK NYC chapter... not a check to the ADK. I think it was via a will of a deceased member. The pass through is how it was always done.

As for restrictive requirements?... you think 5 hikes is too much to do in a year? most qualifying hikes are set up by the chapter as a tag along on weekends. If you cant hike... then come to a work weekend and a few other less laborious tasks that qualify to join?

They do consider how people have lives outside of hiking, n do make concessions in some cases to extend the year to qualify. Too Restrictive? hahahahha oh, just dont think if you join you will bring your entire neighborhood of kids n friends for 2 weeks every summer... its not club med and is to be shared by everyone.

Yeah the ACA is a great place but you pay for it! jsut like you pay through the nose upstate Johns Brook n Heart Lake. Nawakwa charges members $10/day $20 over night per person. Rates are very reasonable. Id say that's a pretty good incentive to join.... dont you?

I guess we will see how all this pans out in the next few weeks.
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