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Back to the Beech.

Good presentation on managing Beech trees to promote healthy, mast producing trees for wildlife.

I've been thinking about how this might play out on the Forest Preserve, although I'll be dead before I'd know. My thought is in the short term we may get some Beech thickets, but they won't persist. The trees that sucker off will need to grow to certain size before dying to be able to store enough energy for the system to keep perpetuating i.e. the cloning and infection. It's not an efficient system so eventually healthy trees will outcompete it. We really don't know what that will look like in the future - it may happen that through global warming we may see more encroachment of Oak-Hickory - and possible if we re-introduce resistant Chestnut, that those forests with Oak will start to regenerate. It's also possible that we may stay with the Maple-Beech dominance and the Beech will overcome the BB disease on their own. Tough to say and it's likely going to play out based on local climates getting either wetter - favoring Maple-Beech or drier, favoring Oak-Hickory. I make that assumption because down south they can literally see the divide between these forest types based on where fires still occur, and that's the only thing that really stops the Maple-Beech from dominating.
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