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Charley Pond Road between Low's Lower Dam and Lila Access Rd?

I am planning out a trip for late July and looking at driving directions between Low's Lower Dam and Lake Lila. Google Maps tells me there is a route that heads west on Adirondack Park Preserve road, then southeast on Sabattis Rd., then south on Charley Pond Rd. to Lake Lila Access Rd. However, this road doesn't show up on the Adirondack Paddler's Map. On Google satellite view, Charley Pond Rd. kind of disappears around East Charley Pond.

Can anyone confirm if this is an actual navigable road that connects Sabattis Rd. to Lake Lila Access Rd.? I could instead take 421 east, 30 south and then 10A/10 to Lake Lila Access, but that is a bit longer route. I'd hate to take Charley Pond Rd all the way south to find out I'd have to turn around because it doesn't go all the way through to Lake Lila Access Rd.

We have a compact SUV, so it can handle some mildly rough two-track, but certainly not off-road Jeep capability if that matters.
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