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Bradley Pond Lean-to is OK. I was just in there last week- I hauled out probably 10+ pounds of grills, and a beat up frying pan. My hiking partner carried out rolls of duct tape and several pounds of zip ties. We bagged all of the microtrash we could find, and we each also took one of the two 4 pound sheets of plastic someone had left behind "in case anyone needs it," as indicated by their entry in the lean-to log book. So the area was clean when we departed, at least.

The outhouse is still in view of the lean-to but there's not really a whole lot of other options for placing it due to the terrain- steep hillside not far behind the lean-to, wetlands not far in front of the lean-to. I didn't notice any smell from the outhouse but my companion commented that the hole was pretty full.

The nearby tent sites did get a new box toilet last year so now there is double the capacity for human waste so that probably helps some. Hopefully this cuts down on instances of campers pooping in and near the small creeks that flow through the area (which has been an ongoing problem there).

The situation concerning the lean-to and tent sites there is kind of a "least worst case scenario" sort of deal. The lean-to wasn't built closer to the pond because the pond was privately owned until a few years ago. The herd path to Herald and Times Squares actually follows the old property line- you can see the occasional yellow blaze marking the former boundary along the lower stretches of the herd path. And the elevation of the area (just shy of 3,000 feet) means that the soils have a lot of organic content, which in turn makes it hard to find sustainable ground that can readily handle camping impacts- especially given the amount of use the area gets. A busy weekend can see upwards of 25 or even 30 people camped there.
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