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Don't forget Castle Rock and Watch Hill. Castle Rock has a great view of Blue Mountain Lake. Chimney is amazing, especially if you find the herd path to it's bald summit. You face Bullhead Mountain in the back. I prefer Wakely and Snowy over Blue. Remember Snowy and Wakely are over 3 miles in length one way and over 1500 feet of ascent. There is a fire tower on both. People will often miss the one on Snowy, because they think the cliff on top is the end of the trail. It continues on the left into the woods when you reach the cliff clearing on top. Wakely has a superb woods walk, nice in the fall, then you face the final 1200 foot ascent. It's more remote with incredible views from the fire tower. The tower is among the tallest, listed as 70 feet tall from footers to the cab floor and is well beyond the tree line. I don't know if Owlshead qualifies here, but it's another fire tower mountain in Long Lake. That one has a unique multi peak summit with large spanning cliffs. Along with Peaked Mountain there is nearby Balm of Gilead and the Garnet Mines.

For the Hudson Gorge you have OK Slip Falls and Blue Ledges.

In Summary of commonly hiked peaks:

Pillsbury- Fire Tower
Snowy- Fire Tower
Watch Hill
Wakely- Fire Tower
Blue- Fire Tower
Castle Rock
Baldface- Paddle approach
Balm of Gilead

some more distant fire towers along 28N, through Long Lake, Newcomb, and North Creek:


Gore is another one at North Creek. However it's ~5 miles one way using the Schaefer Trail and is a 2500 foot ascent. It's a complex trail that opens up on the ski runs on top. I say complex, because it has several junctions, service roads and parallel ski trails to watch for. There is a lot of ground covered and so far the trail is rarely shown correctly on a map. Maybe that has changed. The tower is closed last I knew. There are a few small waterfalls along the way up Roaring Brook.

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