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Originally Posted by Wldrns View Post
I saw a Garcia (the heavy black plastic kind) at the HPIC with a large hole chewed through the bottom edge. It was a rental and the renter had admitted he watched a red squirrel do the damage over a three day period. He should have been charged for the cost of a new canister, but was not.
If the renter was out on a backpacking trip and used and stored the container properly, I'm not sure what reasonable actions the renter could have taken to avoid the squirrel damage. One might try keeping it close to their person to deter the squirrel, however that would seem to not coincide with the general recommendation of storing it at least 100 yards downwind from camp when not using it. Not knowing the specifics of the incident, it's difficult to evaluate potential renter negligence, but it seems plausible there may not have been many actions they could have taken to prevent the damage.
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