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Originally Posted by squeak12 View Post
I am looking for a lake to sail and camp on (other than Lake George and Champlain)
Has anyone had experience sailing on Forked Lake/ Raquette/ Cranberry Lake
For example?
Any info would be great
I’ve sailed on Forked, Cranberry, Forth, Blue Mt, Stillwater and other some lakes in the ADK. I actually first learned to sail at Boy Scout camps on Massawepie and Salmon Reservoir.

The lakes up there can be a challenge with gusty and shifting winds. Winds can come and go quickly and I’ve seen more than one person run down a lake, only to have the wind die out and have to paddle back with the center board.

Forked Lake, for one is quite shallow with a lot of hidden rocks just below the surface. I wouldn’t bring anything much bigger than a Sunfish on that lake. The larger lakes are less of a problem with this, but being familiar with the body of water beforehand would be very helpful.
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