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Originally Posted by Edb 46 er View Post
I think you should secure each site that has been moved all over again. But why have they moved the lean-to's. Is it that the lakes and ponds have receded?
No, they are actually moving the lean-tos away from water bodies, not closer. The problem is that riparian zones (shoreline along lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, wetlands, etc) are extremely fragile, and very susceptible to negative impacts from hikers and campers. Many of the lean-tos were constructed prior to when land managers understood just how much of an adverse impact shoreline camping can have upon the ecosystem.

Now that we know better, the DEC has been working to move many the lean-tos located right on bodies of water further back to better protect those water bodies- especially those lean-tos that are "high use" lean-tos, and already have an unacceptable level of impact within the riparian zone.
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