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Originally Posted by neilvd View Post
Thank you both for the info. One more question about the road: I think this road goes through private property and is probably seasonal use. Are there times during spring-summer-fall when the road is closed to the public?
Yes, the road is closed to motor vehicles in the winter, at which point it is used for snowmobiles. I'm not sure if snowmobiles are allowed all the way to the Spruce Lake trailhead or not. It generally doesn't open until sometime in May, after the mud has had a chance to dry out. So yes, there are times in the Spring when it isn't open, but it should be open to public access throughout the Summer and Fall. I probably wouldn't go back there in late fall without 4WD/AWD or tire chains, just in case, though.

Spruce Lake is a very remote, desolate spot in the winter. Much of the West Canada Lakes is, for that matter, since the Moose River Plains Roads are also not maintained for winter motor vehicle access. A few winters ago, some friends and I did the Piseco to Lake Durant section of the NPT as a snowshoe trip. It took us 10 days, and we didn't see a single other person with the exception of snowmobiles near Wakely Dam.
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