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I would walk the road back to Judson Rd and pick up the north trailhead. From there you can push out to Chub Lake, Pigeon Lake, or loop down to Queer lake. You could also continue south to Cascade Lake.

Chub, Queer and Cascade all have designated sites (Queer is the LT), but there are other legal sites in the area. I actually can't recall if the one at Chub is a marked site... either way, there are sites out there, but being a wilderness area it has a lot less marked.

The north lean-tos from Moose Lake are nice too, but as you speculate, they are all water access. I'm sure there are ways to whack to them from the south, but that area has a lot of low-lying wetlands and some really, really dense old growth forest. I find the trails out there to be trying at times... haha! But usually they are good out to Pigeon at least. Queer and Cascade are pretty well worn.

One warning though, the north trail does (or at least did) suck in wet years. It may be drying up now but early summer on that one can be brutal and you'll find yourself walking in a stream.

I can't advise on the first two southern trails from the Judson Rd trail that head toward Queer, but the far one that goes to Chub is a good trail. I'm sure one of the others is used, but I couldn't tell you which.

All the trails to the south of the Queer lake trail should be pretty clear and easy to follow, they get a fair deal of traffic.
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