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Stopping back to update on my trip.

First, I learned a valuable lesson about checking the weight rating of my wheels before embarking. After an adventurous, but successful, carry to the put in, I talked to some folks who were leaving to figure out which sites were open. Site #5's occupants were leaving and told me they really enjoyed it and it had a sandy beach. As I got paddling out #2 was also packing up. I had a choice to make, Island with a close paddle to put in with all my gear or a further paddle to a site with a beach and likely more firewood. Ultimately based on how the wind was blowing and how site #2 was set up, I passed and went for further paddling. I believe site 3 and 4 were also open, but I didn't stop to investigate them. Upon entering the cove where site 5 is situated I knew I had made a good choice.

The beach was beautiful and the area I set up my tent was also great. Unfortunately the fire pit was overflowing with ashes and a bit of unburnt garbage from previous occupants. Cigarette butts, cartons, and crab shells. There were also corn shuckings thrown in the woods and shriveled mushrooms on the beach. At least the privy was in good shape. On checkout I noticed a note that site #6 had garbage bags filling the privy on that site.

With camp set up I set about collecting wood. I didn't find any downed wood bigger than my wrist which was a bit disappointing but luckily I had brought a bit of wood with me. There was plenty of the smaller diameter stuff though to continuously feed the fire.

Unfortunately, I let weather cut my trip short. The forecast was calling for rain most of my trip, and once the reality of running to the privy in the rain and the fear of being alone in a potential lightning storm (per the forecast) hit me, I chose to head in while there was a break in the weather. 1 night was still an enjoyable experience, though I didn't get to hike Frederica this time.

I then spent 2 lovely nights in a very dry nearby family camp curled up in a warm blanket drinking tea and reading while looking out over a lake.

Although not the trip I had planned, I had a lovely few days away from civilization, and that is a wonderful thing.
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