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I understand that at one time, 1960's and 1970's anyway, Grumman manufactured 17' canoes in 3 different weights, "lightweight", "standard", and "Camp" weights. Hull metal thickness of 0.040, 0.050, and 0.060 inch. I don't think they offer canoes in those choices any more. In 1973 I bought a lightweight model that I used with family (wife, 2 kids and a dog) quite a bit and even went on more than a few solo trips with it in the Adirondacks. I learned a lot about canoeing in that metal craft. Being extra lightweight, it came manufactured with extra ribs for better structural integrity. I still have it and it is still in excellent shape, though I don't really use it anymore. I believe camp weight went mostly to youth camps (including BSA) where they were better suited to survive beginner's abuse. Anyway, those 17 footers are the canoes that BSA had and I guided on more than a couple of trips from Lows to the Oswegatchie and elsewhere with both boys and their older scoutmasters surviving the portages. Oh, and in addition to the many blowdown log jams as the pics show, we lost count after some 70 beaver dams to cross over.
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