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It didn't have to be political but you made it so by referring to the Governor as "King".

Listen, I don't agree with everything that Cuomo does - some of it seems entirely stupid with regards to upstate, but I think think they were actually trying to accomplish something with this. I don't know if the big "I love NY" signs work, but the metal signs are actually pretty informative to tourists. Again I think the idea is to "grab" people zooming through the state via I90 and direct them to areas of interest in the state. If people from Mass and Ohio zooming through don't know it's there, then they don't know the businesses that rely on tourism are there.

Not sure it actually works... but get used to it, advertising has been part of our culture for I don't even know how long, but I wouldn't expect it to leave any time soon.

Where would you direct the money that would be more effective? Medicare/aid? Suburban integration? Public land works? Environmental protection? Infrastructure?

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