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In the early 90s, when I was an AFR first on the Oswegatchie and then on Bog River/Lows, I would go in on a Tuesday and come out on Sunday. The patrols on both Tuesday and Sunday included campsite inspection, cleanup and restoration; almost always picking up trash and rebuilding fire pits. Sometimes it involved more work - like filling in trenches that people dug around their tents or putting out smoldering fires that were left behind. The only bad encounter I had as an AFR was on Lows Lake. A party of 4 men were illegally camped on one of the islands reserved for the Boy Scouts. I noticed smoke coming from the island and knowing that it was in-between scout troop visits, I went to investigate. One of them was on the beach. Still floating offshore, I informed him (nicely) that public camping on the island during the summer was not allowed. He called his other three companions who emerged from the woods. After he informed them that I said they can't camp on the island, one of them asked me to come ashore and "help" them move their camp. Of course, I didn't do that and instead reminded them that they must move their camp before nightfall. Of course, they didn't move. When they left two days later, I radioed my supervising ranger and gave him a description of the men and their canoes. Later I learned that he met them at the lower dam take-out and ticketed all 4 of them.
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