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Seeing that you plan to go mid-week, I say it sounds like a good plan. In fact, I did something similar ... in May 1978!

Yes, you can leave your tent in the same spot for two consecutive nights (the limit is 3 consecutive nights in the same spot). I wouldn't worry about theft by humans; bears are the primary concern.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the DEC's regulations and guidelines for the Eastern High Peaks Wilderness Zone. Here's a very good summary:
Key things you need to know are no campfires and you'll need to use a bear-canister.

This past summer, I surveyed all the campsites, lean-to's , and toilets around Marcy Dam (and elsewhere in the High Peaks)and entered the information into OpenStreetMap.
  1. Find "Marcy Dam #2 Lean-to" on the map.
  2. Look below it and locate the first campsite you see west (left) of the trail.
  3. If you like a smooth, level, fast-draining campsite, that's the one for you.

It was the former site of a double-sized lean-to and where I spent a few days camping back in 1978. Today, it's a large level "patio" of pebbles that makes an excellent surface for tents (especially if it rains).

If you prefer seclusion, choose a campsite on the west side of Marcy Dam.

If you'd like to camp in a lean-to, Marcy Dam #4 and #5, on the west side, will have less through-traffic and they also offer a view out over the (former) pond.

If you want a secluded lean-to, head to the southwest end to the Ed Hudowalski Lean-to.

To minimize interaction with bears, cook away from wherever you choose to camp. Assuming they haven't completely dismantled it yet, head to the dam and cook there. It offers a flat cooking surface and a great view. Otherwise, walk out onto the flat plain of the former pond and cook there.

Here's the view from the old dam:

Early evening at Marcy Dam. by Taras D, on Flickr

Good luck and enjoy!
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