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Originally Posted by EastOfMidnight View Post
What does the rail mounted seat look like? I usually use a paddling thwart.
Thanks for the info.
I don't have a photo of the seat and the boat is in winter storage at the moment. It is a seat I noted Joe use in his RF and Shadow for racing, mounted on rails for adjustment fore and aft. It sits higher and has a different pitch than the standard high molded seat. Joe had to remove my low mounted seat that was glued in my RF. If you ask him he can get one for you, but he may be hesitant unless you are absolutely sure you want to do that. The new rail seat is floor mounted, not hung. If you want a gunwale hung seat, the standard build canoe will not support it, but Joe has made custom boats with a strengthening band for a gunwale hung seat. I wish I had done that.
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