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Originally Posted by EastOfMidnight View Post
I use the medium seat and padded back from Placid Boatworks, with a double blade paddle and have been pretty happy with it. I really like to kneel with a single blade but am hesitant to tear the original seat out.
I dislike using a double blade kayak paddle in my Rapidfire (it is a canoe, after all, not a kayak) it responds well to a nice well made wood paddle or a carbon bent shaft. The original offering of seats (I have all 3 height stackable seats from PB) does not put me high enough to efficiently use a single blade paddle. So had Joe install an even higher rail mounted seat, like he uses while racing. With that seat I can very nicely perform the wide variety of single blade canoe stroke maneuvers that I very much enjoy employing. The original double blade sold by Joe remains in my garage unless I use it with my Hornbeck, as with its bottom dwelling seat there is no other choice.
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