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Originally Posted by OutdoorEnthusiKess View Post
Hi! Hubby & I are planning a New England Fall Foliage road trip from Cincinnati, OH. We will try to hit up the Adirondacks first, arriving either Sept 29/30 or Oct 5/6 depending on which week we start our trip. Any suggestions for which timing will give us best chance of foliage? We were thinking of basing ourselves from the Johns Brooks Lodge for 2-3 nights.
Sounds great take me with you! I'm not far off 71! Just kidding of course. Not sure about the exact leaf season, I'd hope those more local would know for sure but I think it is starting by end of Sept but just barely, Oct might be the better dates?

From JBL I'd love to do similar to what I've done before in the area, section hiking the great range in a couple loops, and big slide on the way in or the way out. But the Great Range loops are pretty long and strenuous, I think more than your 7-11 mile example (I think more like 13 miles iirc?) more like 12hr trail time when I did it, I know both nights I was hiking back with a headlamp the last mile or two, but I don't hike very fast and sleep in a bit. Still they were probably my favorite peaks and trips so far.
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