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I think you are wise to be thinking of JBL, you can reserve a spot way ahead of time. Plenty of other spaces to camp but knowing you have a reserved spot at the end of the day is reassuring to me. As you point out though parking is a different story.

You could consider camping at the Adirondack Loj or its 'wilderness' campground. You'd have a site or lean-to with parking nearby as well. From the Loj you have a few lakes, avalanche pass, waterfalls, small mountains and big mountains easily accessible. Plus a short walk to flush toilets. And on a Fall weekend some of the true wilderness hike in sites (Marcy Dam, JBL area, Avalanche Camp) may be just as populated (not crowded, but populated) as the Loj Campground.

We hiked into Slide Brook last Columbus Day and the lean to and surrounding area were well populated. For parking we also were super lucky and grabbed the last open spot in the non-overflow lot at Elk Lake trail-head. Prior year similar situation with the Upper Works trail head and Flowed Lands. Both trips worked out well though. In '15 we shared a site for tents and in '16 we had switched to hammocks. Both trips at that time of year were great.

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