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TM, yes pretty rugged. The bear sign kind of followed the mast evident but it was obvious they avoid everything on the Extract side where the herd path is. It is like a deer highway around the path though!

We found maybe the last 100' or so of elevation up to Macomber and then through the ridge between there and Buckhorn verrrry spruce-y and pretty hard going. Also, whether due to fatigue or actual difficulty, the elevation gain up and over the "horn" of the Buckhorn peak and down to the ponds is no joke, I was verrry winded.

If one were interested in getting to those remote ponds and not getting to the ridges or ledges above you could kind of get to the elevation of the ponds and skirt those hills on a more flat path, and maybe not have too bad a go at it. Or of course go the "easy way" in via Extract.

Anyway though, it's a cool space, and definitely real quiet back there. I really enjoyed your photos!
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