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Swedish Pimples, 1/2 oz white jig heads with 3-5" Plastic minnow tails, Kastmasters, rapala jigging plugs all take Lakers when jigged through the ice at the bottom, and up through the water column. Looking at that ASL report (1987) NYSDEC had high hopes for Crane at one time. Looking at the 2018 stocking list, they have appear to have trimmed those quite bit, 450 Lake Trout and 1300 Rainbows, no more LLS or Kokanee, although they have dropped Kokanee everywhere, and they lost quite a few LLS in 2018 at the Saranac Hatchery.

Worms, spikes, mousies, waxworms, salmon eggs (the kind that come in the little jars) and, believe it or not, canned corn (Green Giant Baby Niblets preferred) will all catch Rainbows through the ice in the winter. I used to rig my tip ups with two or three hooks and try two or three baits. We almost never bought minnows, which are getting harder and harder to find, and too expensive to use with all the recent bait regulations changes. We set these tipups up in the water column, too, not on the bottom, and often in water you might think was too shallow for trout. If you jig one rod in deep water, you can set 6 tipups at differing depths going into shore, and then move them around if the fish are in one particular strata.

In case you have not become familiar with the Adirondack Survey Corporations datasets, here is the master link:

Choose the "Historic data" tab, then enter the pond name, and continue to filter by County. Most pages have simple bathymetric maps, and include chemistry and hydrologic data, and results of any fish surveys conducted, admittedly from back in the 80's, but maybe the most (and most accurate) information you will find on many ponds.
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