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Originally Posted by St.Regis View Post
If you don't mind sharing, what do you think happened to him? If it's not something you want to discuss I understand that too. Regardless, good luck in finding answers
I am definitely a supporter of Occam's Razor, which basically states that the simplest explanation usually holds true.
When I hiked the mountain I noted a few rocky outcroppings between the old lean-to site and the final push to the summit. These outcroppings give you a great view of the surrounding wilderness. It was snowy, icy, and windy that evening...I believe that Stephan is closer to the lean-to than anyone has previously thought.
I believe he may have walked out on to one of these outcroppings to admire the view, slipped...went over the side, and became buried in snow...and that was it.
Have these areas been thoroughly searched? I would assume so.
But time and again people are found in areas that have been searched multiple times.
Just my thoughts...
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