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Originally Posted by snapper View Post
.... for those of us who (still) aren't on Facebook? Just curious...
Curious why you're not on facebook...?
Just a thought, but those of us who enjoy viewing & sharing photos with friends & family should really consider getting with the times, and create & enjoy a facebook account. Lots of great Adirondack & outdoor related pages with many people sharing wonderful photos & videos & info & stories over there that you will not find on this forum, or on the high peaks forum. I truly find it funny how some folks have no issues sharing photos and info on this website, yet refuse to be a part of a website where sharing images & info with friends & family is much easier, and often much more enjoyable, and where you can pick & choose what/who you'd like to view in your own news feed. Just seems like an unjustified anti-facebook type mentality to me. Heck, if our ol' pal Redhawk can enjoy it, surely others can too.
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