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Toilet paper has been a light problem, not anywhere near as bad as elsewhere in the High Peaks. I understand that the designated sites will have box toilets- and there's already a box toilet installed for the lean-to site (it's been there for at least a year, but there hasn't been a sign for it). Each of the roadside sites is getting a full ADA outhouse.

The beer cans you found were definitely not typical of the impacts to the area over the past few years (at least prior to the opening of the road).

I've also noticed a lot of the same sites popping up as you (and probably found a bunch more that you missed ). Most of the more obvious of these sites were closed down and brushed in earlier this season by the DEC. As of 2 weeks ago, all had stayed closed down- but it's also worth noting that at least until the opening of the road, the camping use on the ponds was way down this year compared to last year.
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