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I haven't been disappointed by any of the sub-4,000' peaks I've climbed. (Except for Cliff. )

Hurricane -- great, tough hike but worth it.
Adams -- amazing views, very unique.
Big Crow/Little Crow -- sweeping vistas for little effort.
Owl's Head -- ditto.
Round Mt. -- terrific views, tons of blueberries when we did it.
Mt. Jo -- postcard-perfect view, not too long of a hike.
Pitchoff (to "Balanced Rocks") -- similar views to Cascade.
Blueberry -- extremely photogenic summit!
Rooster Comb -- easy climb, nice open summit.

My favorite:
Little Porter Mountain -- great trail leading up to it, never crowded, terrific views from the open, rocky summit.

Still on my short list:
Hopkins, Jay Mt., Ampersand
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