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WCLW Wandering 8/25-8/26/2018

I was kind of embarrassed when I realized that hadn't spent a night in the 'Daks since this spring. Luckily I am well versed at cramming many of my obligations into my weekly routine and ignoring all the others

I arrived the the tent village errrr trail head parking lot around 8:30. But seriously 4 tents was easily a new record! (PSA: if you havn't figured it out yet, you're not supposed to do this!). I made the quick hike into an empty Philsbury Lean-to

Both Saturday and Sunday were spent exploring seldom used trails, intriguing points of interest on old maps, old roads on old maps, and old roads not on any map. Even got in a little bit of fishing time although it wasn't fruitful.

On Saturday night I spent a little time turning the fire table back into a fire pit at the lean-to. I got the impression it has been a long long time since it has seen some love.

The highlight of the weekend was exploring an old camp where some of the lumber used for its structures was still present - although severely rotted of course.

Step 1: dig a small pit, Step 2: Ring it all the way around with stones, Step 3: put the fire out COMPLETELY before you leave!



Remnants of old wooden structure
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