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Yeah, when I was first getting into hiking/backpacking (~15 years ago) I didn't carry a camera as often- and when I did, I took fewer pictures than I do today. I do feel that it's important to not be behind the shutter for every single part of the experience, but as time passed I also found that the hikes I remember the best were the ones that I had photos from. Many of my hikes that I chose not to carry the camera on at all, I now remember very little of.

For me it's not just about capturing the experience for others- although I do think about that (and seek to take photos that aid in enhancing the occasional trip report that will hopefully help others in planning their own future trips into the same area). A lot of it though, is for my own personal purposes- as photos have more or less become my way of "record keeping," as opposed to a journal or some sort of alternate method.
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