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Where to start planning a backpacking trip?

Hi all-

I'm planning a backpacking trip over fourth of July weekend… I know, holiday's are crowded everywhere! But we have to use "free" days off when we can get them.

I could use some advice on planning our trip… I've seen lists of different regions, suggested hikes, etc, but I'm not even sure how to pick which part of the park to hike in! We'll be arriving some time probably late Thursday morning/early afternoon, hike for a few hours Thursday, all day Friday & Saturday, and head back on Sunday. We're in decent shape, but probably don't want to kill ourselves due to the long drive back, and straight to work (early) Monday. Would prefer not to use a shuttle, so loops are great. Some lakes would be nice.

I'd love some advice on where to start our planning, what areas you recommend, even your favorite specific routes.

Thank you!
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