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Just want to add something to D's advice. Store the canister AWAY from your camp.

I have generally avoided the High Peaks area over the last 20 years, but have overnighted at Lake Colden a few times during that period. Out of maybe 10 trips in that timeframe, the only times the canister wasn't disturbed during the night were the winter trips. It's always possible it was a smaller animal, but we usually stick it in the crook of a tree or wedge it somewhere and the distance moved each time suggests a bear.

One trip to Algonquin in the late fall (pics from trip say taken Nov 23) we thought for sure the bears would be hibernating. There was plenty of snow on the ground and a ranger told us the temps dropped below zero the first night. Despite that, during the night a couple of us woke up in the lean-to, and heard an awful lot of noise coming from where we stashed the canister. Was it a bear? Does it matter?
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