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Originally Posted by Buckladd View Post
My buddy also blew the prop on his motor in there because of the stumps.
Stumps and gravel shoals. if you watch an experienced local with a powerboat leave the launch heading down the length of the reservoir, you will notice them making odd sinuous zig zag turns. There are maps available showing the path of safe travel. Not usually a problem when paddling, but those dark submerged stumps can come quickly and frighteningly upon you.

Wind... I have been windbound for more than a day on the far end. It wasn't a problem because my wife was well aware that can happen. There are cases where hunters have died out there, even with a motorboat when in big wind, high waves and late season cold water.

More often than not I have gone out in relatively calm (cloudy/rainy) conditions, then when it was time to return clear blue skies and strong wind from the west kicked up big waves along the length of the reservoir. Be prepared and stay close to shore.
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