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Question Stillwater Resorvoir Tips for Best Checkin Days & Times

Looking for some tips for best checkin days and times for Stillwater Resorvoir during the peak season of July - September to get a decent site. Anyone out there who might be a Stillwater regular over the years and willing to help me out? If you're the type that doesn't like to put out this kind of info or tips on public forums, but still willing to private message me, I would be very greatful! I've never been up there before but it looks like a really nice quiet place that caught my attention last year while up on seventh lake last year.

Typically we like to do 3 night stays either thur - sun or sat - tues. With this place first come first serve, I fear we get all the way up there (3hr drive) and not have a site available when we get there. Any help and tips are greatly appreciated.

Bonus - What is and isn't a "decent" site here???

- Ken
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