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Originally Posted by undoubtedly0 View Post
Thanks - I was wondering about this very thing! So in such a region, is it indeed legal to camp with a group of 10?

Generally speaking, on private land, how do we know the owner allows camping?
No one suggested you can camp on just anyone's private land. The Adirondack Mountain Club owns property within the Johns Brook Primitive Area and rents lean-to's, cabins, and bunks on their property.

If don't want to book a place to stay with the Adirondack Mountain Club, then the regulation prevents your group of ten from camping anywhere in the Eastern High Peaks Area.

If you didn't like the suggestion to car-camp and simply day-hike to the peaks, then you'll need to forget about the Eastern High Peaks Area. Pick another region of the Adirondack Park. Wherever else you choose to go, you'll need to acquire a permit for your oversized group.

From here:
Groups of ten or more persons OR stays of more than three days in one place require a permit from the New York State Forest Ranger responsible for the area.
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