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Queer lake is a realy nice place. The last mile or so of the trail has alot of hills so that section may be a little tough for a young kid but I would say its defenetly a possibility if your willing to take some extra time on the trail. I dont think you would be disappointed there.

Cascade lake is a pretty flat trail for the most part, but might be a little to long. Again I think it would but worth the effort for you.

The ha-de-ron-dah is also a nice area with two nicely located lean-tos. The first few hundred yards of the trail off of rt.28 is steep but after that mostly fairly easy rolling terrain.

Another nice place is pine lake located in the independence river wild forest just on the edge of the ha-de-ron-dah. I beleive this is a 3.5 mile hike on the snowsled trail with pretty easy terrain. Has a nice lean-to there and the pond is realy shallow so swimming should be good and pretty safe for a younger kid. The downside of this is the edges get weedy throughout the summer. Theirs also another pond just over the hill for exploring. Also a good place to see wildlife. We camped here last summer and seen a coyote, four deer and a mother and cub bear on the far side of the lake tthroughout the weekend.

All of these places are popular so the lean-tos wouldnt be guarnteed anywhere just as a warning you might want to have a backup plan in case they are full. Although them being full is unlikey. Anywhere you choose will be fun.
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