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Backpacking Locations for Kids

(Cabin fever outburst sorry)
I've been a long time ADK hiker/camper but I am starting a new adventure. My son is 4 now and it's time to start really getting out there with him. Last year he went camping and backpacking with me a couple of times and really enjoyed it and is looking forward to more of it this year.

I thought I would start two threads about backpacking with kids. Specifically very little kids.

First I would love some suggestions for Lean-tos that are a short distance from a trailhead. Ideally less than 3 miles and situated on a lake where swimming is good. (my second tread will be about activities to keep kids entertained, like swimming).

Last year we hiked in to Rock pond in Pharaoh Lakes WA and stayed two nights at the lean to. That was perfect for him.

Some others that jump to mind are Stephens and Cascade near Lake Durant.
Or Tirrell pond also near Lake Durant.

I know I could find a lot of spots on a map, but I would love to get real opinions and I know everyone loves a chance to discuss their favorite spots.
Also, when you are going with a 4 year old, you better be sure of where you are going first. As a non-child-accompanying hiker one of my favorite things was not knowing what to expect at a destination.

Thanks in advance for the input
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