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Whatever you get measure your hatches very accurately.One of the assets is that a bear cannot handle one easily nor get its jaws around it. Size matters.

And believe me neither will you be able to get a good handle on it to get it out.

Make sure you have straps on the canister or preferably in a bag so that you have something to get ahold of.

Now I do have a canister and I use it for dog food while canoe camping but lessee I have spent some 700 nights canoeing in the last ten years and nary a visitor in camp. Have fallen over a bear literally and stepped in poop but no campsite calls. They apparantly dont like my dehydrated foood.

I couldnt even get the bear on the next island over to come by . I so wanted a picture. He so wanted nothing to do with me.

No this was not the High Peaks where there is good reason to use a canister but just an ordinary Canadian canoe trip.

Again the canister has to go inside. Even fully bagged and with straps securing it to a deck it interferes with self rescue.
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