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Lucky, I don’t know, but I think there’s a chance that the crowds in MRP may not be indicative of the conditions in the CRF. When I went with the kids a couple weeks ago, granted it wasn’t a holiday weekend but it was Saturday morning, lots of the drive in spots by the dam and flow were taken, there were lots of free paddle in spots open out in the flow.

If jblaser goes with a pack craft and has time and the ability to be flexible, I think he may be ok, especially getting out there maybe on the early side on Friday. The flexibility comes in where he could even go out toward the Carry lean to and camp there or even beyond if he wants to walk with the boat a bit on the npt.

I’d bet he can find a site on the flow though.

Edit add: I understand that finding the inlet to the flow from the river on the south end can be tricky with lots of false leads, but Gaia gps has it very clearly marked.
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