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Originally Posted by Wldrns View Post
Well, after catching literally hundreds of northern pike (my buddies and I kept count each season) on the Black River while I was growing up, I quickly learned you never want to fish for pike without using a steel leader. I can't tell you how many of my father's antique lures I lost in the early days due to pike"s "gripping teath" cutting the line before I learned my lesson.
Well stated Paul. A Pike or Muskie will BITE YOU OUT OF ANGER if YOUR HAND GETS TOO CLOSE AND IT DOESN'T "GRIP" LIKE A BEAR, IT SLICES THE LIVINI S___ OUT OF YOUR HAND BECAUSE THE TEETH ARE LIKE RAZOR BLADES AND SHARP AS HELL. It will slice right through 50 lb line if you do not have a substantial leader. There are rows upon rows of sharp predator teeth so the effect is like a razor blade even if the teeth look like they are only for gripping.
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