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I started getting my son and daughter out with Scouts. Older than yours. Have been weekend backpacking with my daughter since she was 12 and she yearns for it now that she is 18. Great times.

A few random thoughts.

I thought swimming as a destination would be great but you are right, water's edge camping may not be a great idea. But I would definitely incorporate a swim in there.

If you slice up the trip into different adventures (swimming, campfire building, smores, Genny Cream Ale sippin', climbing, stargazing) so they have something to look forward to Soon it might help).

Bring food they like, even if it is a backup. Sure - fire roasted trout is great but maybe not if you got to know the fish prior to skillet.

Not my game but wee ones like singing. While they hike a bit or around the fire.

So I canoe. I actually have a sail/oar boat too that I occasionally drag over a beaver dam. Love the quiet solitude. With that said a simple rowboat with an outboard adds a bit of thrill to the ride and there are island campsites in some places that are accessible.

A small stuffed animal friend goes a long way.

I swear I do not have a stake in it but if I knew about ADK Loj when my kids were your kids' age I would have taken them there: lake to swim/boat in, "wilderness" experience, trails to waterfalls, Mt Jo to climb, Flushies, snack bar, no RV's, use as base camp then trek out to Lean-to, noonmark diner close by.

Yes, one on three might be tricky but do you have friends or relatives that would join you with a similarly aged kid?

Kids are resilient. You can go farther if you stop more frequently. especially of stops have something of interest. Something as simple as a favorite book read on a log with a view.

You may wish to put together the packing list. I think with you and one other you could stuff something fluffy in their pack, like a sleeping bag, and have no worries but a lot of that weight may come back to you.
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