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In the late 1950s into the 60s my Dad had my younger brother carry his age in pounds till he was 10 then he upped his pack to slow him down to his pace. We hiked long distances 15+ miles in a day, day after day. My brother is 46er #611 i think and was 11 years old at the time. When I look back at the log book of our hikes i see that we were walking almost every weekend in late Aug through Nov. Summers were spent hiking in many Nat and State parks. I remember walking one Sunday on a long walk along a rough dirt road in the Southern Daks. A Jeep pulled up to us stopped. The driver leaned out his window and told us that Oswald, Lee Harvey, had been shot and killed. My brother was Six at the time and we were walking from sun up to sun set. Starting at age 12 i was the pack animal. My Dad brought a small spring fishing scale i would weigh my pack at the beginning of the hike. He had me carrying 45# most of the time and would often exclaim "is important to keep your load less than 50#. I now know it was all total BS and is was his way of saying "you are still faster than me so proportionately you are carrying less than me".
My first "hike" was Snowy Mountain, Indian Lake in 1951 when I was 4 weeks old. We, in the 1980s, carried our kids in Minimalist child carriers all over. When our daughter was 8 months old we went to Europe. I carried her in our child carrier and because she was on my back i hardly remember her being with us. She has been to every nook and cranny, very high and very low of Notre-Dame Cathedral. My wife remembers her but i don't. When our daughter was 5 She and I walked down to Roaring Springs from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. She got tired feet so I knotted a large light weight beach towel and carried her up an out. Well only her feet were tired not her voice. She sang various WD animated theme songs echoing off the canyon walls much to the delight of other bikers and me. She is a famous, in the opera world, singer today.
In summary, we always have some backup plan if they just can't walk any more. Once our kids were 5 to 9 yrs we did many out and back hikes and would decide when the kids were 1/2 done for the day and turn around. We would also hike to a destination and hang out for several hours to allow ample rest time for the kids.
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