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That sounds great.

My boys are 4. I have 3 of them, but I don't think I'd do a backpack trip with all 3, I'd probably try one at a time with just me. They can listen pretty well and can hike 2-3 miles without much complaint in one go.

They also have push bikes, which I hadn't thought of trying with a backpack trip. They can ride about as far as they can hike and can ride most easy mountain bike trails well. They'll probably graduate to pedals this year, and maybe it's stupid to try to integrate both.

I could easily do a short paddle trip with one as well - but I'm worried they might be more bored riding in the boat. And more of a hassle to deal with around the water when I'm trying to load/unload things. But at the same time I kind of have had success with other kids (not mine) with canoeing and just just short jaunts and stopping on beaches so they could swim and play. This was not overnight and perhaps sleeping near the water would be a nightmare if they were constantly wanting to go near.
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