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A close friend of mine started with her son when he was about 1. She carried him in a backpack carrier- and front-loaded her overnight pack. She also had a few other folks to help carry gear as well, so she wasn't carrying everything for the two of them herself.

Needless to say, that worked for a short while only... it didn't take long before he'd grown enough that the backpack carrier was no longer an option. On one trip she used a more rugged baby carriage- one with bicycle tire type wheels. Once he was older still, she'd put him on a child's push bike to both make travel easier and keep him more entertained (as per the High Peaks Wilderness Manager at the DEC, children's push bikes are legal to use in Wilderness Areas in the ADKs, as without pedals and gears they don't fit the technical definition of a "bicycle").

Obviously, the hiking range for any of these trips was pretty limited. It was also necessary to pick destinations that were accessible via flat and gentle trails. But they've been able to make it work for a trip or tow a year, at least.
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