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It was already stated above but statistics do show you have a higher chance of getting killed or injured in a car wreck driving to your hiking location then being shot by a hunter. I am a hunter and not a hiker although much of what I have done in the Adks is more “hiking” with a Rifle then hunting at times. Haha. No need to worry about us we are sharing and enjoying the resource just like you. Both sides have something to offer. I met a hiker years ago deep in the Siamese wilderness who was a wealth of information and extremely friendly. He told me so much about game in the area that to this day I regret not writing down his contact information. He could not believe we were at this location and the feeling was mutual. It felt good to see a friendly face. Where some blaze orange and have at it. We are all not as different as you may believe. We all strongly believe that preserving the land and resource is paramount. The only difference is you carry trekking poles while I may carry a rifle. Enjoy the season.
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