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You've been so helpful on this site over the years, I'm sure any of us would be more than happy to let you try out our personal boats.
Your chart is very interesting, BUT, weight capacity is a very arbitrary thing. Your 240-260 pound capacity would require a boat of at least.13' to be seaworthy in rough conditions I should think. Weight capacity is really just displacement, and length is more important than width, and don't forget depth. I really like the versatility of the Rapidfire, but the new PB 14 foot boat might be ideal for you. The price is a consideration but don't forget that this is probably a lifetime investment and 10 years from now the cost is irrelevant. I'm sure the cost of your preferred boots, pack, etc. is not much of a consideration then buying other outdoor gear.
So, contact the members here and try out any boat you like. (I'm volunteering all of you here), like Zack, I have a couple of wood strip solo boats.
After you get your first boat , then you might want to build a wood strip or skin on frame some winter.
I'm just about finished building a skin on frame kayak right now, 16' 24 1/2" wide and about 25 pounds, I plan to paddle it in this years 90 Miler. I should call it my covid kayak, since I've built it while in self quarantine. Last coat of finish on it tonight , then I'll give it a week to cure and get it out on the lake. If interested in checking it out , I'm in Lake Clear.
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