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From what i have read, you won't have problems anywhere in north America filtering water, if you get a decent one, and know how to use it. In Africa, you will need an anti-virus rig. Viruses, much smaller than bacteria, are not an issue in our part of the world.

I filter all water, except known springs, you never know what lying dead up stream- certainly something is... if you have a filter, it is simply not worth it. If pressed, i would look for the best place... even with a filter i do this. I figure i narrow the odds as much as possible. I always have a squeeze Sawyer filter now. They are tiny and very good. I know of a guy who drank his whole life, from wherever he pleased- bragged about it as he laughed at people filtering.... only to be holed up at a lean-to once on a solo trip for three days.. praying for death to come and rescue him ( his words LOL) ... He looked us in the eye and said that cured him... "never again"... a good enough lesson for me, but i had already decided because of this story of my own...

When I was a kid, we planned on drinking out of the creek we were traveling down on a 3 day trip... doesn't matter where. Not long after the start, it was a rock garden for the first part, we were lining the canoe and floating where we could, i happened to look down into a deep pool and happened to float right over the carcass of a deer, tattered gossamer flesh waving ethereally in slow motion with the current, looking at me with a shriveled white eyeball and reapers grin, as it loomed into visibility through the heavily tannin stained water. Was sort of pretty in a way... my partner didn't see it, had to convince him... I thank that deer for curing me of bravado, as it was just by accident i saw it. Since then I have seen others, and dead birds, and various rib cages or skulls in otherwise pure streams. We drank meltwater from coolers the rest of that trip, and always careful ever since in these 40 years, and never sick once.

Once upon a time, our guts were acclimated to such things, we are whimps compared to our forefathers, and not enough Neanderthal genes for the rest.... C'est la vie.
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